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Junior Stylist

Industry experience since 2022

K18 Certified

Brazilian Blowout certified

Wella education

Get to know me:

* I work to support my Traveling habit. “The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences”, am I right!? ✈️ 

* Never stop learning, never stop growing (always open to book recommendations) 📖 

* My second passion is helping people with developmental disabilities live their happiest, most fulfilling life. 🫂 

* “Look good, Feel good, Do good.”


Get to know me as a Stylist:

* Lived-in color & Hair-painting

* Client-Centered design & Personalization 

* Easy-to-maintain styles

* Natural beauty enhancement 

* Hair health


Personal Statement:

My main intention as a stylist is to make every person that sits in my chair feel like the best, most confident version of themselves! I love to take a client-based approach, every person and their daily lives and habits are unique, just as your hair should compliment and enhance your life. 

Loft Hours:

Tu 11-6

W 4-7

Th 11-7

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