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Jr. Stylist/Assistant

Toni & Guy Graduate

Industry Experience since 2023



Get to know me.

* Gymnastics coach and fitness geek

* Music is my therapy - what genre are we listening to?
* Don’t wake me up early…unless we’re surfing!
* According to my high school, I’m most likely to dance like Beyoncé

Get to know me as a stylist.

* But also - where’s the reds and brunettes at??
* Love some dimension <3
* Can we add some layers?

**I can’t wait to become one of the Inches by Ello babes!**


Personal Statement.

I’ve wanted to be a hairdresser for as long as I can remember and as I've been introduced to the industry my passion has only grown larger! I love being an outlet for people - tell me all about you! Equally so, I understand the need for a quiet space because we’ve all been there. Whether you're looking for a healthy change, or just some maintenance, I’m here for all of it!!

Loft Hours.

W 11-6

Th 11-7

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