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Ello; It's hello only cooler. 

Allow us to introduce ourselves.


We're Ello Pretty and we’ve been in the valley section of Providence since 2014 and we are so glad that you’re here! First of all, thank you so much for choosing us! We call ourselves a Salon & Beauty Loft because the space was designed to be wide open so that you can always see what’s going on. We encourage our team to engage together on the floor instead of hiding in the back so we're always available to help or answer any questions. 


We are a tiered salon and each stylist's experience level is reflected in their prices. We currently have Advanced, Senior, and Junior (The Littles) stylists.

Ep is a teaching salon & that's something we are really proud of.

Have you checked out any of the girls' social media yet? If not, head over to our Talent tab. There are direct links to their social media accounts in their bios. Whether it’s your first time to the loft or your first time with a particular stylist, we can’t recommend enough spending a few minutes scrolling through their work! Each stylist has a different vibe and things that they specialize in - so we always recommend taking a peek before moving forward. Ya know, kind of like how a tattoo artist or a painter has a specific style. We are totally biased and think all of them are equally amazing, just all a little different and unique. Now, we totally get it - Hair is Hair - just some of us have more experience doing certain techniques and if you’re looking for a specific look, that’s the best way to find your ideal match! It’s so important to us that you love your hair, and that we exceeded expectation! There’s a lot of us here at Ep and we like to think we have someone for everyone!

Also, we often get asked about our name and we wish there was this dramatic story of how we came up with it, but the truth of the matter is that the owner's husband is English. That's it!

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