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Congratulations on your journey!

Ello Pretty is a teaching salon & that's something we are really proud of!


What that means is that we don't hire stylists directly to the floor – instead we bring on Assistants (aka the Littles) and have them also work our in-house education program.

How fast each person goes through the program is really dependent on them! Some excel in certain areas but need a little more attention in others - and that's ok! As you test out of each service, you become available to take on clients. We have found that this has had great success in building a clientele. We're here to invest in your future by giving you continuing education - all we ask is that you invest in yourself and work the program at the pace that works for you! We want everyone to succeed and feel confident & comfortable as they transition to the floor!


With the exception of our four Advanced stylists, every other stylist started at Ep as a Little and has completed our in-house training! We think that makes us pretty unique and pretty awesome. An environment where the majority of your peers have been exactly where you are fosters a culture of understanding & support!

Every one is at a different place in their career journey, and whether you just started school, have graduated, or have assisted before, we may have a place for you at Ello Pretty! In addition to Assisting, we have a hands-on internship program for after school hours and Saturdays to come get the feel of Ep and see how a busy salon operates. Internships have the potential of leading to a paid Assistant position if we both feel we are a good fit!

If you're interested in working with us, shoot us a message with some information about yourself & attach a resume if you have it!!


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