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the only thing we take seriously around here is the hair.


***This is a Model Appointment - This service will be done by one of our talented, but still learning, Jr. Stylists. They tend to run a little longer and are offered at a lower  cost***



Long Haircut 

Starting @ $70.00

For chin-length and beyond cuts (e.g. shags, long layers). If you have hair that is longer (shoulder length and below) or if you’d like to chop it all off, this is also the service for you! And if your hair is extra thick this is also your go-to cut!


Medium Haircut 

Starting @ $60.00

For chin-length styles and cuts (e.g. short bob or lobs).


Short/Pixie Haircut

Starting @ $40.00

From clipper fades, scissor over comb, to detailed work, and beyond, if you’re looking for an extremely shortcut this is the option for you!

*no blowout


Barbered Haircut

Starting @ $35.00

For those looking for clipper fades to scissor over comb cuts on super short hair.


Blow Dry 

   Starting @ $45.00

   + Flat iron $10.00

   + Curling iron $10.00

   + Add Braid $15.00



   Starting @ $70.00

a la carte.

*add on: extra lightener $25 per bowl

*add on: extra color $25 per bowl

Root Touch Up

Starting @ $65.00

Need to touch up your single color regrowth or cover up those new greys coming in at the root?

Recommended every 4/6 weeks for maintenance.

All Over Color

Starting @ $120

From your roots to your ends, we’ll apply one single color all over your hair. Great for grey coverage or shiny solid tones of any single shade. Includes blow out This service does not include lightening or adding dimension to the hair.

All Over Gloss

Starting @ $100

Want to boost your color, reduce brassiness in your blonde, enhance vibrancy or add depth?!

We'll freshen you up and blow you out!!


(One thing to mention: glossing hair does not lighten, add highlights, cover greys, and is not permanent.)

Hairpainting/Foils - Face Frame

We will apply a few highlights or balayage down your part or at your face frame. This is the perfect little “pick you up”.

Starting @ $145

Hairpainting/Foils - Half Head

For the non-committal type, a lot less Balayage, Foils, Teasylights, Foiliage, or Babylights than a Partial, but more than a Face Frame!

Starting @ $165

Hairpainting/Foils - Partial

Ready to date but not get hitched?! A Partial has a lot less Balayage, Foils, Teasylights, Foiliage, or Babylights than a Full, but more than a Half!! This will lighten 3/4 of your hair.

Starting @ $185

Hairpainting/Foils - Full

Wanna put a ring on it?! A Fulll has a lot more Balayage, Foils, Teasylights, Foiliage,,or Babylights, than a Partial.

If you're looking for the most dimension, this option is for you!!

Starting @ $235

Add Lowlights

If you want to add in some deeper dimension, you can add Lowlights to any Lightening service when you book!

Starting @ $35

*blow out not included in these services

Treatment starting @ $10.00

Root smudge starting @ $35.00

Gloss starting @ $35.00

Base bump starting @ $35.00

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