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Industry experience since 2018

Advanced education.
Goldwell Fundamentals

Oligo Fundamentals
R+Co product knowledge
Evo product knowledge
Hot Heads Tape-In Extension Certification

Hot Heads Weft Extension Certification

Brazilian Blow Out Certification

R+Co Cutting education

Get to know me.

*Dog Mom to Mowgli + Baloo

  (yes, like from the Jungle Book)
*BASICally I love Fall
*I'm Hungry...Bring me snacks!
*Astrology Fanatic (Virgo)

*Finger guns 4 lyfe pew pew

Get to know me as a stylist.

*Live For Babylights
*I'll curl your long hair.
*Let me Braid your hair...a little fishtail ...a little dutch love
*Blow outs for days.
*Color Color Color


Personal statement.

I absolutely love meeting my new clients! My favorite thing to do is laugh. (Life can be wayyy to serious, sometimes.) I think I'm pretty damn funny, honestly. Taking your hair goals and making them a reality is all the satisfaction in the world to me. My goal is to give you fabulous hair while also keeping it happy and healthy! Come hang out at the loft and let me play with your hair!

Loft Hours

W 11-6

F  11-6

S  11-4

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