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Salon Coordinator & Manager

Get to know me.

* Coordinator by Day, Bartender by Night.
* Music, books and movies (any suggestions??).

* Dog mom to Wolfie & Creedence.
* I love a good dad joke!
* What's your sign??
(Taurus Sun/Aries Moon/Virgo Rising)

Personal statement.

What can I do for you today?!

My entire background of 20+ year relates to Customer Service and Retail Management - I'm definitely a People Person, can you tell? I have an inherent need for organization and order (remember that Virgo rising??), so I enjoy making sure your appointments are booked correctly and the stylists have an easy time helping you look your best! Let me know what you need and I can do my best to make it happen.

I'm absolutely going to try to make you pre-book your holiday appointments - and probably all your other ones too!!

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