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Owner ~

Industry experience since 2005

Advanced education.

Goldwell Master Colorist 

Wella certified 
Kerasilk Smoothing System Certified 
Brazilian Blowout Certified 

R&Co Advanced cutting 

Creative coloring 

Hair color exposed 

Oribe cutting 

Advanced bayalage 

Salt Society bayalage 

Advanced teasylights 

Hot heads, Hair treats, and Donnabella hair extension certified 

Former Goldwell national artist 

R+Co Cutting education

Get to know me.

*I fell in love with an English man

(the name of the salon makes more sense now huh?!)

*Live music over anything, I don't care who's playing the answer is always yes.

*I'm a wicked sap, but shhhh I got a rep to protect.

*The best way to understand my mood is to ask me what am I listening to.

*Only child, but I'm like really good at sharing. I swear! 

Get to know me as a stylist.

*My first love is color. Like I formulate for fun. No, really I do. 

*I live for interior movement (as apposed to layers)

*I don't love to use clippers, I means I will but I promise you will like it more if i just cut you.

*Teasy lights are life but love to incorporate them with a hair painting and probably a root smudge.

*Long hair trustworthy, I have long hair myself so girl I get it. 

Personal statement.

I have a true passion for my craft and the city of Providence. I started as an assistant at a prestigious salon in Providence (with locations in both Boston and NYC) I was given the opportunity to nurture and refine my talent. Preparing me for a career behind my chair. Becoming an Educator and Goldwell national artist was always been a dream of mine. It was where I was first was able to share my love and passion with other stylist inspiring and mentoring them. Now I'm blessed to do the same with my staff.


often refer to our appointments as a date, especially the first one. We have to spend time getting to know each other which is why the consultation is so important. We need to talk about how much you want to invest in your hair, and how often you want to see me. I want you bring me photos, lots of them. I need you to tell me all your dirty little hair secrets I promise I won’t judge. I want to talk about your morning routine the struggles you are having with your hair and if you are married to this hairstyle or are you just dating it?! 

 I also believe in transparency, no that won’t happen in one session. Yes I do think that will look amazing on you. I love the idea of you with bangs but don’t think that summer is the best time to do it. I’ll always help guide you through all of it and offer my professional opinion but I also tend to finish with I don’t have to wear it. It’s ultimately your decision. 

I call myself a free form haircutter. I’m pretty sure I made up that term but the gist of it is I don’t play by the rules. I cut hair to be lived in and personal to your own style, face shape, head! I’ll most likely cut the perimeter wet but then detail it when it’s dry because I just need to see what it does and where it lives. Ya know?!  When it comes to color I’ve been known to get a little technical but I think it’s important for you to understand exactly what’s going to happen and explain the why of each step. Maybe because I spent so many years educating others on the why, or maybe it’s because I’m just passionate about hair. 

I truly feel that I am an artist. I live and dream in color. Only difference is you won't see my artwork hanging on a wall. There is nothing better and more gratifying than that to me. I am truly in love with what I do and I bring that same excitement and passion to each and every one of my guest creating the best possible style to fit their individual needs! 

Stay pretty. 

Loft Hours

W  11-6

F  11-6

S  11-4

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